Kate Liu is a Taiwanese Canadian painter based in San Jose, California who worked in the game industry from 2004-2011as an environment modeler / surfacer / texture artist, and at Pixar as a texture painter. 
She was also a co-organizer of the Weekend Warrior Painters Bay Area branch from 2019-2022, and has participated in the group's plein air painting show in Gallery Nucleus and Salut!7 coaster show in Nucleus Portland.
She had taught an 8-week online digital painting class called Chasing Moods in Environment paintings with Warrior Art Camp during Fall 2022. Future classes are in the works.
She is currently a Background Painter for Titmouse, Inc. She is also skilled at being a colorist, visual development artist, and keyframe illustrator. 
Email: kateliu@ideanest.com
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